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I don't need sympathy from someone named after a vegetable!

Okay! I expect some serious amounts of comments! :) (There are a lot of words, I warn you, but they come along with pics!)

Without further ado,

So! I got up pretty early with my mom, my brother and dad met us later in the day because bro bro had football or something, and we took the train and wound up in good 'ole Penn Station around 10:00!

First thing we did was walk to our hotel, the Marriot Marquee (OMGSQUEE!@!!!11!!1jl!!!11!) which is my favorite hotel, although I never actually stayed there before Saturday! Haha. Anyway, it turned out my dad paid extra so that we had a Times Square view and it was amazing!!!! My dad and I took pictures of it at night, which I shall post later...

Soooo... I watched the Broadway channel, finally and then my mom came up with the brilliant idea that we try for the RENT lotto, since the guys were going to take a while to get here. So, we walk over to the lovely Nederlander, and once again, I lose! I felt like I was gonna win that time too. Oh well. But then we noticed that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was only a block over so we checked for cheap seats but everything was sold out. A creepy man TRIED to sell us tickets, but they were obviously fake and he was just generally scary.

So we went to the TKTS building and got Chitty for really cheap and it was the 8th row orchestra, mainly because it was a half hour before the show once we got these babies. So we went to the Europa Cafe and I had the quickest soup I have ever had. Then saw Chitty....

I felt quite ridiculous being the only teenager happy to be there. But, oh well. Raul was sarcastic and awesome and I LOVED him! When he sang his little part in the Doll On The Music Box song, "I love you Truly, truly I do!" I melted! And Chip Zein came right over to my seat during the show and was joking around with me in character which was pretty cool. It was a very fun show and I couldn't help myself but laugh when the Childcatcher threw the kids in his cage, but that's just because I'm sick. I was still rooting for the good guys, I swear! I wasn't too impressed by Erin Dilly, though. She had a great voice, but she just didn't do good to the character, I felt.

After the show we had no time to stage door it, so no time for Raul love. Oh well!

We found the guys, got dinner and went to the blessed Circle in The Square Theater. My mom signed up to be a speller, since I can NEVER win that. (I refuse to deny my theater geek-ocity and my knowledge of all the lyrics and all the words they ask the people to spell.

So as we waited for them to anounce who was going onstage, I admired the cast's school pictures. I LOVE those babies. They are just amazing. Haha. Such nerds they all were. :) AAaaaand I got a Spelling Bee backpack for school! Woo!

Then, my mom got chosen! She got out on the word pokapoo (sp?) which was the first word they asked her. Aha. But she got a juice box and a hug and backstage before the show, she got a pin that says "Finalist" on it, which I am sooo stealing!

The show was AMAZING. I think I'll be posting a whole entry about all the little funny/amazing things they did on there later. Because we need to get onto the pictures!

So after the show, we decide to wait in the lobby for the Spelling Bee peeps.

First out? Jose!

Image hosted by
People were a bit crazy about getting Jose's autograph. So, I was cut quite a few times. But finally Jose was all "I think SHE was waiting for forever... let's take a picture!!!!! :D" lol He was hyper that night, it seems.

Next comes my husband, Jesse! He was walking out slowly, with his head down, and nobody was noticing him, or anything! Everyone was freaking out about Jose. So I shout "Jesse!!!" because I was on the other side of the lobby. So I make my way over and I take a pic with him...
Image hosted by
After this picture, something magically happened. Jesse whirled me around and ended up holding my elbow. My elbow never knew it deserved such beauty. Haha. And once I was turned to him he gave me this big smile and here is the script:
J:How did you like the show!?
C:Oh wow, I loved it!
J:Is this your first time seeing the bee?
C:Nope, my second!
J:Ahaha.. awesome!!
C:Yep. You were great! Thanks so much for the picture.
J:Oh, wow, thank you. AND COME BACK SOON!
C:I'll try! Bye!


And by this time a million people had made their way over to the Jessenator since I yelled out his name.

Okay, and then my dad took this picture for me. Ahaa..
Image hosted by
And once he did this I said, in my best Logainne impression, "Thanks, dad!" And Jesse heard, turned, laughed, waved goodbye and left!


Ok... fangirl moment: over!

Here comes Derrick...
So I ask him for a picture and an autograph, since he didn't come out last time I saw the Bee and his signature was missing on my tee shirt. I thought he was gonna sign first, be he began to pose and I almost sharpied him!!! ahh! But I didn't and I got this happy picture, instead...
Image hosted by
Then this evil lady I remembered from last time who works there and thinks she owns Spelling Bee, but doesn't really comes over and yells "Derrick, bring this outside!!!"

So then Derrick tells me he'll sign my shirt if I'd just walk out of the theater with him. Most people were waiting outside for autographs and such so when we walked out, all these people turned and started walking over to us and I felt like I was a Broadway star. But alas, no. I was just chatting with one. Our convorsation was pretty funny though. He was joking around with me about how he is the supposed "Bee-yotch" of Spelling Bee and everyone in the cast and crew, espeically that lady is always yelling "Deeeerrriick!" And then I got my shirt signed, although it did take us a while to problem solve our way into having him sign a shirt I wasn't wearing. (We ended up putting a program in the shirt.)

Then Celia came out and she does the same thing I do!! That is to, after a show, bring a bag, but still wind up carrying a bunch of stuff and try to juggle everything! At least I now know I'm not alone. Haha.
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Image hosted by

Then came out Deborah and she was telling me that if we were to take a picture, she was going to have to take precations to not flash my camera, because apparently, she learned the hard way. Ahaha.. So here is her "safe" pose...
Image hosted by

Deborah told a bunch of us that Dan exits a secret doorway on the side of the theater, so we waited there, but apparently he left already, and I could see him in the restaurant across the street with a few of the other castmembers. That made me pretty angry. He's the only cast member I didn't get to meet. :(

Anyway, that night I bought Lippa's Wild Party vocal selections and my parents let us get room service, so I had a cheese cake and some hot chocolate!!!

I couldn't sleep that night and neither could my dad so we took some pictures of the view...
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Image hosted by

I had an amazing time!!!! <3


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