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9 April
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Hello there. I'm elphabactress also known to the real world as Caitlin. Yea, it's an old username. Wicked and I have kind of divorced. Leave a comment if you wish to add me as a friend.

Yes, I make graphics! My icon journal:lovelymuffler

I like a lot of things. Mainly all theatre-related. Just check out my info.

Color Bars, Banners ETC...

Who's your inner GA character? Find out at greys_rating.

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Rain... Or Shine?

The WeatherPixie

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Days until Bush leaves office.

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Anthony Rapp is Love

Rent OBC is Love.

New York is Love.

Rent is love.

Matt Caplan is L O V E

Cary Shields is love

Rocky Horror Picture Show is Love.

Theatre is Love.

Bernadette is love

Matt Caplan Is EXTREME Love
(Thanks to Leesh782)

Sweet Transvestites from Transexual, Transylvania are love.